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Rich Dad Poor Dad

I just finished reading the book by Robert T. Kiyosaki titled "The business of the 21st Century," Wow! He talks about a transition from the industrial age to the information age. We are seeing it all around us. Employees are being laid off, companies are outsourcing services and prices are coming down. We have become a global economy. Robert makes a good point when he mentions that if a business can outsource a service overseas for a saving of 75% that the business is going to do it. He mentions that some of the largest companies are distribution companies that do not manufacture products but rather distribute such as Walmart and Amazon. Network marketing is the same concept of distribution and not manufacturing. The real value is the network that we build.


the value added from Vemma

More great happenings! After reading Gary Vanercuk's book, I realized that I could take these ideas to my insurance agency as well as my Vemma business. I have got a new web site and I am learning how to use social networking on the web. Today I bought a camera so we can start filming some video blogs. Insurance does not have to be boring and dull. Watch for our first video where we plan to squash the Geico lizard, show Flo from Progressive the exit. Because they can't do what we do and that is to have a relationship with our clients. American deserve to have an insurance agency that can laugh a little with them at the same time taking care of them. It can't be done with an 800 # or through a web site. I have learned through BK and his company that business is one to one, the way our Dads did it! Thank you!!


The Latest

Amazing things continue to happen with this supplement. I ran 18 miles last Sunday in the FriendShip Run at Hanson Dam with the Students run LA group. There must have been 10,000 runners there that day.

I finished walking the last 3-4 miles but I finished.

The only change in my diet is the shot of Vemma each morning and 1-2 Verves during the day.

Now comes the bigger challenge, the Los Angeles Marathon! We'll see how it goes.

I could not have made it this far without BK and my Vemma, thanks!!!


My Mom's cat

Another amazing story. My 82 year old mother was going to take her cat to the Vet to be put to sleep because the cat was not eating and was sickly. I told her to wait till my son got over to her place so she could tell him what she was going to do. When my son arrived and saw the cat he told his Grandma to give the cat some Vemma so my mother gave the 5cc of Vemma in a syringe without the needle. The next morning the cat got up and started eating again and has more energy!

Thank you Son, Vemma and BK!!


Amazing training for the Los Angeles Marathon

Back in July 2009 I started training for the Los Angeles Marathon. This morning I ran 14.4 miles and I could have gone further! It is hard to believe how good I am feeling. Vemma and Verve are the only changes to my diet. I have no joint pain.
The big question is how the 26.2 miles will go next month!!!
Look for me with the Kenyans at least at the start!!!


Health insurance

Here is a solution to the health insurance dilema that Americans are facing.
Back in 2008 I switched my health insurance from an Anthem Blue Cross Group policy to an individual policy covering my wife and myself. The monthly premium went from $1,200 to $300!! The policy is a Health Savings Account compatable policy the same that I was on with the group policy.
At the same time I started drinking Vemma in the morning and 2 Verves a day. Since I made this change I have not been sick one day not one day!!! I am saving $900 per month and spending about $200 for the Vemma and Verve and my family shares in the supplements too!

I see people frustrated with the high cost of health ins and here is a simple solution!!

Give it a try!!


Energy to spare

At age 55 last July 2009 I decided to start training for the Los Angeles Marathon in March of 2010. My wife challenged me as she did the race this year! In October I ran my first 1/2 marathon. A week later I ran 4 miles Sunday morning then walked 18 holes of golf carrying my golf bag with me. Before I started drinking Vemma and Verve I never did any running. I could barely walk 18 holes of golf!! Thank you BK.


Vemma and my Mother

My 81 year old Mother started drinking Vemma the first of 2009. After one week of drinking it she called me at 6:45 AM to tell me that she has more energy than ever and she was not sleeping all day long!! Her attention and focus is better than ever!
Thank you BK!!!


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